CRCC offers a variety of therapeutic services for children and families when a child presents challenging behaviors due to mental illness, emotional disturbances and/or disruptive and aggressive responses related to their developmental disability.

Licensed Mental Health Professionals assess the child’s needs and with the family, determine goals to target the child’s learning of pro-social and coping skills. Treatment then addresses the behavioral and emotional needs of the child and assists the child’s family in how to support the progress the child makes. The following therapy options may be considered for addressing the identified behavioral health concerns.

Therapeutic Day Services

CRCC offers an intensive therapeutic behavioral health program for preschool and school-age children. Trained behavior specialists work with the children in a structured classroom setting to replace maladaptive behaviors with more pro-social skills. Time-limited, the interventions target each child’s behaviors so that they will maximize their ability to excel in the least restrictive setting possible. A Licensed Mental Health Professional oversees the child’s treatment and works with the family to help the child make quick and lasting gains so that they can be transitioned back to an appropriate community setting. Families are actively involved and are offered support for establishing similar structure in the home. The preschool age children attend the program throughout the day, while the school-age program serves older children before and after school and full-time during school breaks.

Home-based Mental Health Therapy

In-home therapy services are options available to help children and families cope and manage a child’s behavioral health concerns. Licensed mental health therapists provide counseling services to the family and child in their home. The therapist works with the family to identify needs, strengths and goals. Interventions address the family’s goals and can include helping the child and family members with problem-solving, coping with emotions, managing symptoms of mental illness, behavior modification, resolving conflicts, and establishing appropriate discipline.

These services are goal-oriented to improve the child’s social functioning and reduce aggressive, disruptive and maladaptive behaviors which are then replaced by improved communication, social and attention skills in their home, school and community settings. Families learn techniques for structuring the home to support the child’s continued use of socially appropriate life, coping and learning skills.

Community Treatment Aide Services (CTA)

Trained Community Treatment Aides work together with the family and therapist in order to help each family meet their goals. Usually shorter and more intense in nature, CTA services are provided in the home several times per week and are concurrent with the therapy the family is already receiving. The Aides are able to assist families through modeling, problem-solving, behavioral strategies and support. Their schedule is flexible to assist the family during the most difficult times in the day (i.e. before or after school, mealtimes or bedtimes).

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